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Our online courses and live workshops are fun, often hilarious, and designed with deep transformation and immediate impact as a priority. You’ll leave with new perspectives and new tools, and leave behind old wounds and the residue of failure and frustration. Whether you’re new to Alison’s work, or have read and listened to everything, this is the place to begin your workshop journey.

A Hero’s Challenge: Being An Extraordinary Man

Based on Alison Armstrong’s twenty-five year study of men and women, A Hero’s Challenge: Being an Extraordinary Man is an opportunity to understand what drives you towards your goals or away from them, towards your greatest Self or away from it.

Participation in this workshop will leave you empowered as a man in both your triumphs and your most vulnerable moments.

The Queen’s Code Challenge: Understanding Women

(Formerly Understanding Women: Unlock the Mystery™)

This co-ed weekend is for anyone who wants to understand why women do what they do. With the unique perspective and information this workshop offers, your frustrations will be transformed into opportunities for compassion, humor and effective resolutions. Be more successful with women, learn how to bring the best out in them, and discover how to stay out of those trouble spots!


"Some time back, my wife and I started going through some major challenges. We were arguing a lot, and we had so many issues in our relationship. We found ourselves in a place where were just roommates. Alison Armstrong's courses have made such a difference for both of us and saved our marriage. We have now been married almost 20 years, and we are so happy! In fact, people often mistake us for newlyweds!"
- Dave, San Diego, CA

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