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What is The Queen's Code®?

It's a Secret Code for Understanding and Communicating with Men...and a Code of Honor for Women. You can read The Queen's Code book and participate in our Queen's Code curriculum for Life, Sex and Relationships. Or take The Queen's Code Challenge: Understanding Women!

Why Men Lie, Why Women Lie is now available!

Click Here to get the digital download of Alison's acclaimed 3-hour series. Learn how human instincts make us "born liars" and how to create the conditions for honesty.

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Dennis Praeger "Alison in my view brilliant and gifted beyond words with an original mind. Original minds are very rare and she has it combined with a good heart and that's a terrific combination."
Dennis Prager
Scholar, Author and Radio Show Host
Alanis Morissette "Alison's deep understanding and love of men moved me to a whole other level of clarity and peace about a gender that has confounded me for a long time. I feel like the wool has been pulled from my eyes and I can see men in a new and more loving way."
Alanis Morissette
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