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Transform Your Relationship
And Get MORE of What You Need, Want, & Desire

Begin Together In Relationship Package

Understanding Men Online
+ Understanding Women for Him
+ Understanding Women for Her
3 Courses ~ Only $995!


In Understanding Men, She Will Learn:
• Why our attempts to connect with men cause distance instead

• What women do that brings out the worst in men

• What has men "clam up" and how to have them reveal themselves

• How to have men understand what you really need

• What has men commit to taking action

• The words and attitudes that inspire men to act on your behalf, without nagging or manipulation!

In Understanding Women, You Will Both Learn:
• Have men listen to you, even when you’re upset.

• Find out the point of our details.

• Stop procrastination, by discovering what’s really happening!

• Understand female sexuality including why sex can seem like work, and what to do for different sex drives.

• Prevent “the Rage Monster” from ruining relationships, by healing hurt feelings and disrespect.

Begin Together - Her Treat!        Begin Together - His Treat!

END the Frustration, and Gain MORE Admiration, Respect
Attention, Intimacy, Commitment, Support, and Love

Alison Armstrong has spent more than 26 years finding out how
men and women really think, really feel, really love, and really commit
and how to make sense of everything they do.

She's figured out what motivates men and women to act and what causes distance
and disconnection.
She can tell you the words to use – and the words to avoid!


• Getting what you most need and desire from them

• Appreciating them and yourself more

• Really understanding them and knowing how to communicate with them

• Falling in love all over again...

Get 3 Online Courses for ONLY $995!
Understanding Men for HER, Understanding Women for HIM,
AND Understanding Women for HER
Plus no expensive travel costs

Begin Together - Her Treat!        Begin Together - His Treat!

PLUS AS A BONUS, she will receive over 3 more hours of bonus classes from Alison:

  1.  Bringing Out the Best in Men
  2.  You Win When He Wins
  3.  How to Change a Man
AND How to Ask Men Questions with 101 Great Questions to Ask Men!


The LUXURY of our Online Course:

  • Learn anytime and anywhere it works for you 24/7
  • Get more clarity by being able to pause, rewind, and take notes
  • Get Alison’s most up-to-date information
  • PLUS use the fun and challenging post-video prompts to more deeply absorb and apply the information
  • Watch it over and over as many times as you like for 90 days!


Pay In Full ~ Only $995

  • Get IMMEDIATE FULL ACCESS to Understanding Men FOR HER and Understanding Women FOR HIM Online Courses (Plus Understanding Women FOR HER as soon as she completes Understanding Men)    

Begin Together - Her Treat!        Begin Together - His Treat!

Payment Plan Option:

  • 1st payment of $367 plus 2 additional monthly payments of $339, Pay Plan fee of only $50, total of $1,045

Begin Together - Her Treat!        Begin Together - His Treat!


Need Help or Have Questions?

We are happy to answer questions and help you make the wisest decision for you.
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100% Money-Back Guarantee

We guarantee you'll find this course valuable and will transform your relationship with
men. See for yourself by purchasing this course and watching it within the next 30 days.
If you don't come away with a better understanding of men, we don't want your money.
Just let us know within 30 days from purchase, and we will refund every penny.

30-Day 100% Money-Back Satisfaction Guarantee


Learning to understand men has been one of the greatest revelations as a single woman in today's world. I recognized my frustrations, failed relationships and disappointments were largely a result of how I was interacting with THEM. And wow, after going through Alison's course, she gave me the exact awarenesses, tools, and skills to get everything I've ever wanted with men! The flood gates of incredible men opened up, I've attracted everything I've ever wanted, and feel so much more FREE as a result. — Sara T.

Relationship of your dreams
Love and Committment

This course gave me wonderful insight to not only why men do the things they do; but also insight into what I was doing wrong as a woman trying to date for a relationship that leads to marriage. Thank you!  — TW

There were numerous ah-ha moments that explained so much. I wish I had taken this course before getting divorced, but I am glad I attended even now. It was really priceless — Patricia B


Begin Together Parternship Package Online is Only $995

Begin Together - Her Treat!        Begin Together - His Treat!

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