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Workshops - For Men (Coed)

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Our workshops are lively, fun, often hilarious, and designed with deep transformation and immediate impact as a priority. You’ll leave with new perspectives and new tools, and leave behind old wounds and the residue of failure and frustration. Whether you’re new to Alison’s work, or have read and listened to everything, this is the place to begin your workshop journey.
(Formerly Understanding Women: Unlock the Mystery™)
This co-ed weekend is for anyone who wants to understand why women do what they do. With the unique perspective and information this workshop offers, your frustrations will be transformed into opportunities for compassion, humor and effective resolutions. Be more successful with women, learn how to bring the best out in them, and discover how to stay out of those trouble spots!
Graduate Programs
Because both the information and the process of transformation build throughout our curriculum, prerequisites are non-negotiable. Click on program icons or titles for details.
(Formerly Understanding Women Follow Up Teleclass)
Three 1-hour sessions provide a valuable expansion of key course topics, plus additional information that will help you personalize the tools provided in the workshop. Refine your ability to create safety, respond to female sexuality, and get ahead of the Rage Monster.
Advanced Programs
Advanced Programs have prerequisites. Click on program titles in the list below for more detailed information.

2018 Will ROCK Your World!

If you enjoy the leading, creative edge, join Alison for this annual graduate co-ed event and reunion April 7 & 8, 2018.

Are you up to big things? More than you can accomplish on your own? Are you ever accused of being intense? Or do you get run over? Join Alison as she brings the phenomenal distinctions from Core Partnership (the "Horse Course") to the city! With three simple moves, you can use partner dancing to transform your romantic, work and family relationships.
Imagine an extraordinary four days with a dozen women and men, where you align your heart’s desires, your will and your intention with an expanded ability to communicate clearly and powerfully in partnership. This intimate and life-altering course with Alison Armstrong and “horse wizardess” Michele Skerl is limited to 12 people who have completed the workshop curriculum.
The 2017 program begins the weekend of April 7, 8 & 9.

Whether you’re passionate about Intentional Dating, Empowering Men and Empowering Women, or getting to the Heart of Partnership - have we got a line up for you! Tuition depends upon whether your purpose is being trained as a Professional, developing your ability to Coach, or implementing the information in your life.

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