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The 2018 PAX Mastery & Certification Program

Begins in January…and is the last of its kind…

Registration opens Tuesday, September 12th

$500 Early Registration Discount

Do you LOVE our insights and information? Are you PASSIONATE about contributing it to others?

Do you love to TEACH? Do you love to COACH?

If yes, then PAX Mastery & Certification was made for you! You'll master the information, learn how to be a transformative teacher and coach, and be licensed to provide it all with PAX's blessings and support!

Transformational Teaching Skills Weekends with Alison Armstrong

What qualities inspire others to let you into their hearts and minds – and act upon what you've said to change their own lives? During these weekends, which have become a much celebrated part of the program, you will learn and practice skills unique to the genuineness and level of communication required to go beyond the transfer of information, and cause transformation! We use neuroscience based techniques to cause breakthroughs in your ability to communicate, be empowered on stage, and captivate your audience.

You'll spend five 3-day weekends with Alison Armstrong, who has been training transformational leaders and healers since 1982. If you appreciate Alison's method of teaching, she'll give you direct access to your own authentic, engaging stage presence and individual teaching style.

The weekends are rigorous and require full participation, including the preparation of talks and teachings, and two stage appearances each weekend.

#1 January 26, 27 & 28 Los Angeles
#2 April 13, 14 & 15 Dallas
#3 July 13, 14 & 15 Denver
#4 October 19, 20 & 21 Atlanta
#5 December 7, 8, & 9 Los Angeles

Friday 2:00 PM to 9:00 PM
Saturday 10:00 AM to 9:00 PM
Sunday 10:00 AM to 4:00 PM

To complete Certification, attendance at all five weekends, for the entire time, is mandatory.

What does Certification Mean? Almost Everything!

Certification in your Topic Series of the 2018 PAX Mastery & Certification Program (PMC) earns you the right to reproduce your Topic Series' material, customized by you for your existing or emerging profession as a consultant, seminar leader, public speaker, therapist, coach, etc. You may produce and publish live presentations, audio programs, even write books or screenplays!

This is the last year PAX will be offering extensive permissions like these on our copyrighted material.

What does Certification Require?

In order to grant you a Certification Partner License, in addition to full participation in all five Transformational Teaching Skills Weekends, you're required to complete all of the Certification Process for each of 8 topics in your series: Learning and researching the material, submitting an acceptable Research Journal and delivering a competent Demonstration Call with a visual aide. Other parts of the program are optional and greatly enhance your skills, abilities and understanding.

Alison's "Office Hours"

Each Topic Cycle, Alison provides teleconferences for participants to ask questions about their series or the program. This provides clarification and "cross-pollination" between Topic Series and is a favorite part of the program for most participants.

Topic Cycles

Every 5-weeks, you begin a new topic and work on integrating the material into your consciousness, your communication, your choices, and your enterprises. Each Topic Cycle is scheduled as follows:

  • Week 1: New Topic Conference Call. Each new topic in the series is taught by the Instructor. Day and time of calls will be listed on the individual Topic Series page in September.
  • Week 2: Research & Clarification Conference Call. Participants sign up to share the results and findings of the research they conducted with themselves and others on the new topic. Guidelines for research questions are provided at the 1st weekend. The Instructor provides clarification for the understanding, implementation and teaching of the topic.
  • Week 3: Teaching Space, no call. Have fun contributing to others and practicing your transformational teaching skills!
  • Week 4: Teaching Adventures Conference Call. Participants sign up to share their challenges and victories in teaching the topic. Trainers coach and clarify to improve your ability to teach the topic.
    • AND Individual Research Journals are due. Certification Candidates turn in a 5,000-10,000-word Research Journal by this date. Trainers provide feedback on the Journals by the end of the 5th week, usually in writing, although a few may offer oral reviews. A template for your Research Journal is provided to help you collect information and quotes that will make your teaching of the topic one-of-a-kind.
  • Week 5: Individual Demonstration Calls. Certification Candidates provide a 45-minute demonstration of their ability to teach the topic to a volunteer and create an impact. Trainers "pass" or "no pass" the Demonstration, and provide feedback and input for ongoing improvement. Calls are recorded for the participant's benefit.

Live Participation is strongly preferred but not required. All calls are recorded and available within 48 hours.

Individual Coaching Calls are provided for clarification of topics, support in synthesizing of research, formulating teaching agendas, developing audiences, and preparing for Demonstration calls. One optional 25-minute call per topic cycle is included. Additional calls may be arranged for a fee.

Time Expected: To budget your time, plan on a minimum of 6-10 hours per week of learning, researching, teaching, reporting, and demonstrating your mastery.

Your 2018 Topic Series Options

The 2018 Program offers your choice of one Topic Series, each containing 8 topics.

(Unless you have a significant amount of time and energy available, we recommend completing one entire cycle in your 1st choice series before registering for an additional series; assuming space is available. At that time, a $3000 discount off the regular price is applied to a second series.)

Every series includes "Office Hours with Alison" every cycle to explore, expand and clarify your topics. More about these series' individual topics coming soon...

Empowering Men – Joan McClain, PAX Co-Founder, Instructor

Focused on understanding and bringing out the best in men of all ages, in relationships, family, the work place and education. Ideal for parents, managers, executives, salespeople, coaches, educators and everyone who wants to bring the understanding and support of men to daily life. Delve deeper into topics about understanding men some of which are only available in this program.

Empowering Women – Alison Armstrong and Adrienne Dworak, Instructors

Focused on understanding and bringing out the best in a woman – whether she is Hunting or Gathering! Created for men and women committed to mastering the Understanding Women workshop material to support women in producing results and creating meaningful connections.

Extreme Freedom – Alison Armstrong, Instructor

Focused on freeing people from the lasting effects of past wounds, shock, shame and disempowering beliefs. We explore the extraordinary power of Noble Healing, Noble Forgiveness, Noble Righteousness and the Sedona Method, to heal and release limitations old and new, large and small.

Designed for everyone who chooses to be fully alive, awake and empowered, and bring these gifts to others. It's ideal for therapists, intuitive healers, life coaches, social workers and educators.

This is an updated and expanded version of the series originally offered as Liberating With Honor. The series begins with the Extreme Freedom webinar program, where you'll personally experience the healing you'll learn to teach and facilitate. $497 additional charge.

Parenting in Partnership – Alison Armstrong, Instructor

Focused on extending the Elements of Partnership, as taught in The Dance of Partnership and Core Partnership, to the challenging arena of parenting and educating young people as an expression of Human Spirit. This series includes how to create partnership with fellow parents, caregivers and educators, as well as partnering with young people themselves. Having completed certification in the Heart of Partnership series is a prerequisite.

Your tuition includes

  • Five 3-day Transformational Teaching Skills Weekends taught by Alison Armstrong
  • Your choice of one Topic Series, each with 8 topics
  • The certification process of Research Journal review, Demonstration Calls and the support of a program coach.

This rigorous training program requires significant time, effort and financial commitment over a one-year period. Please read everything carefully before registering. Your non-refundable deposit reserves your space in a limited participation Topic Series.

$500 Early Registration Discount = $9495

Tuition is payable with a non-refundable deposit of $1655 $1155, plus 12 monthly payments of $695 from January 5 to December 12, 2018.

Questions about the 2018 PAX Mastery & Certification Program?

Participating in the 2018 PAX Mastery & Certification Program is a lot to think about – an investment of time and money that deserves serious consideration. We want to give you an opportunity to get your questions answered.

Alison will be leading free one-hour Question & Answer sessions for the 2018 Program. Please read the program details on this page before the call. Then join Alison and bring your questions and concerns. These sessions tend to be more intimate, and give her some flexibility to respond to your needs regarding PMC 2018 personally.

Follow the corresponding link to reserve your space in one of these teleclass Q & A sessions:

Can't make these calls? A recording of the Question & Answer session will be posted on this page.

PLEASE NOTE: Since this is a leadership and certification program which depends heavily upon your efforts to succeed, the PAX Mastery & Certification Program is not covered by our 100% Workshop Satisfaction Guarantee policy. We promise the integral conduct of the weekends and topic cycles as described above. Ultimately the results of the program lie in your willingness and effort in engaging in the opportunities and design of the program.

If you are enrolled in the PAX Points Program, you may apply up to 500 PAX Points toward the regular tuition for Mastery & Certification Program. You can only apply PAX Points once, and you must have already earned the points when you register for Mastery. To find out more about the PAX Points Program, CLICK HERE.

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