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Free Yourself from Pain and Suffering

A Graduate Program with Alison Armstrong
Online November 4 & 5
And by video replay

How much of your FUTURE seems dictated by your PAST?

What parts of your life are difficult? A struggle? Maybe hopeless?

Do you think it's because...

  • Of the type of person you are?
  • Of your upbringing?
  • Of past relationship failures or betrayals?
  • Of something you think is wrong with you?
  • You can't trust people?
  • You don't deserve love, prosperity, happiness, admiration, commitment, acceptance, success, etc.?

When we are hurt, dishonored, or disrespected, it can cause us to withdraw to protect ourselves. The distance can cause our partners to feel insecure or worry about the relationship. We can be tormented by the "replays" in our head, causing us to be less productive and ungrounded. We might drive others crazy by complaining about the same limitations over and over. Mental and emotional pain and suffering from our past affects our current and future relationships, and can prevent us from being HAPPY and Prosperous.


Freedom is accessible for everyone who wants it. But YOU have to claim it. If you're WILLING to be healed, healing is yours, especially with the right tools.


  • Having the POWER to OVERCOME any disrespect, dishonor or hurt feelings ~ from your PAST and in your Future
  • Removing the limitations of fears, failures and conclusions
  • Not being Hurt, Upset or Disappointed so often or easily
  • Not being Hooked by reminders of old stuff
  • Proactively RESTORING yourself simply and quickly


In this 2-Day webinar experience you will learn:

  • The reasons people struggle with healing and leaving the past behind
  • Life-altering skills to heal the wounds of being harmed, disrespected and dishonored
  • Ways to release the hurt and self-doubt caused by insult and injury
  • To create your own "prison breaks" from what leaves you stuck and powerless
  • And much more!


LIVE Online with Alison Armstrong

Saturday and Sunday, November 4 & 5

9:00 A.M. to 6:00 P.M. (Pacific Time)

PLUS receive the workshop Replay Video for 30 Days


Pay In Full ~ Only $497


Payment Plan Option:

  • 1st payment of $297 plus 2 additional monthly payments of $117, Pay Plan fee of only $34, total of $531



  • For Women: Understanding Men AND Understanding Women online courses
    (or the equivalent of the Queen's Code workshop and the Queen's Code Challenge live workshop since June 2015*)
  • For Men: Understanding Women online course or live workshop since June 2015*

*Failure to fulfill the appropriate prerequisites will not be eligible for the money back guarantee

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  • Why Men Lie, Why Women Lie digital
  • The Appreciation Equation digital
  • The Amazing Development of Men, Expanded 2nd Edition


Learn More About Extreme Freedom: Healing Hearts Webinar


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If you don't come away with a better understanding of men, we don't want your money.
Just let us know within 30 days from purchase, and we will refund every penny.

30-Day 100% Money-Back Satisfaction Guarantee

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