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Core Partnership

A 4-Day Workshop for Men and Women

Are Your Commitments Bigger than You Can Possibly Accomplish Alone? Then you NEED Partnership

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Imagine an extraordinary four days with a small group of women and men, where you align your heart's desires and your will with an expanded ability to communicate clearly and powerfully in partnership. This intimate and life-altering course with Alison Armstrong, Cindy Sawatzky, and a team of specially trained horses, is dedicated to PAX graduates with a desire to make and fulfill big commitments to their relationships, families, communities or organizations. The course is limited to 16 participants.


Classroom concepts will be immediately expressed and experienced with horses waiting for us nearby...

  • Honoring Your SELF and Your SPACE: Partnership is only possible when there is a fully self-expressed person available to be part of something. Too often, men and women lose themselves in pleasing and providing, thereby making partnership impossible. Learn how to not collapse in on your potential partners and to not disappear in relationships.
  • ASK and RELEASE: Learn how to ask for what you need and then trust it will be provided for you. Get ahold of the pressure you consciously and unconsciously exert and release it so others can generate for you, without nagging or micro-managing.
  • Clarity, Consistency, Acknowledgment and Appreciation: Shift your way of being to create consistency between what is in your heart and what you're communicating verbally and non-verbally. Drop down out of your head and into your core. These communications are the clearest, most powerful and get the biggest response from man, woman and horse alike.
  • Intimacy and Boundaries: Instinct may have you believe that you can set boundaries or have intimacy - one or the other. Learn how to have them exist simultaneously. When working with the Rolland Sawatzky trained horses, you will experience that boundaries can cause affection, love and intimacy without causing distance or disempowerment.
  • Become Conscious of your Attention: Our intention follows our attention. But we don't realize that our attention is often on what we don't want, while we're talking about what we do want. Horses are acutely aware of our attention and intentions and respond quickly. Their awareness helps us become conscious of the mixed messages we send and the source of the results we don't want!
  • Grabbing the Reins: Break through the cycle of "grabbing back the reins," one of the most disempowering behaviors in men and women. Learn to allow the people in your life to provide, solve problems, take care of you and keep you safe.

Wondering if Core Partnership is for you? Take this QUIZ to find out:

  • When making a request -- Do you choose from what you think you can get from that person? Instead of asking for what really matters to you?
  • Do you frequently anticipate or imagine what you don't want?
  • Do you assume you'll get a "No" and strategize for a "Yes?"
  • Have you ever been accused of nagging? Of pressuring? Of not giving anyone "room to breathe?"
  • Do you feel the need to micro-manage at work, in your family or in your relationships?
  • Do you think you have to do everything yourself?
  • Do you worry about trust?
  • Do you struggle with letting others be accountable?
  • Are you passionate about Partnership?
  • Are you committed to an extraordinary family, business or community?
  • Are you committed to excellence as a partner, manager or executive?
  • Would you like to be committed to something bigger than you've taken on before?

If you answered YES to even one of these questions, Core Partnership may be for you - But only if you're willing to never have your normal concerns and complaints again. And you're interested in trading the illusion of control for the reality of being provided for in vibrant partnerships everywhere in your life.

What could happen if you were an open invitation for partnership?

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Why Horses?

Horses are extremely intuitive and react faster than a domesticated cat! This has them provide immediate feedback to all the aspects of our communication, conscious and unconscious.

The horses are excellent trainers because they provide an immediate and powerful visual and kinesthetic learning experience.

We have found that by having clarity in your intention and what you need with the horse translates directly to your personal relationships!



  • $2,495 U.S. Paid in Full
  • Or Pay Plan of $564, plus 4 additional payments of $499


  • $2995 Canadian + GST 5%
  • Due 60 days prior to your course start date.
  • Payable via PayPal on the Sawatzky Equine Services website.
  • A Pay Plan for your balance may be arranged through PayPal.


  • Transportation to and from the course each day to a Stony Plain's motel.
  • Transportation the final course date to Stony Plain or the Edmonton Airport.
  • Snacks, Water & Lunch on each of the course days.


Lodging, travel expenses and all other meals are your responsibility. Your Registration Confirmation will contain additional information about these elements. Please consult this information before making your arrangements. If these are considerations in registering into Core Partnership, click here to view this information now.


Core Partnership begins at 10 AM on the first day of the program, and at 9 AM on all remaining days. The program is in session until approximately 6 PM each day. If you are travelling from out of town, you will need to arrive one day prior to the course start date, and usually depart on the day following the course end date.

  • July 27, 28, 29 & 30, 2018
  • September 14, 15, 16 & 17, 2018
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Due to the advanced nature of this course, prerequisites are not negotiable.

FEMALE Participants must have completed:

  1. Understanding Men online course or The Queen’s Code Workshop (formerly Celebrating Men, Satisfying Women®)
  2. Being an Extraordinary Woman online course or The Queen’s Code for Life (formerly Celebrating Women: Regarding Ecstasy & Power™)
  3. - the 3-day workshop
  4. Understanding Women online course or The Queen’s Code Challenge: Understanding Women (formerly Understanding Women: Unlock the Mystery™) - the Live workshop
    • The older "Understanding Women" DVD/CD sets cannot be used to satisfy this prerequisite

MALE Participants must have completed:

  1. Understanding Women online course or The Queen’s Code Challenge: Understanding Women (formerly Understanding Women: Unlock the Mystery™) - the Live workshop
    • The older "Understanding Women" DVD/CD sets cannot be used to satisfy this prerequisite
  2. Listened to The Amazing Development of Men CD or The Amazing Development of Men Expanded 2nd Edition, or Read the Keys to the Kingdom book


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  1. Do I need to like horses to benefit from this course?
    No, you don't need to like them. They will train you with powerful, clear, immediate feedback regardless of how you feel about them.
  2. What if I’m afraid of horses?
    Fear is often a result of Objectification, one of the biggest barriers to Partnership. Fear is fine if you're committed to working through it and are willing to receive support. As you recognize the distinct, amazing BEING on the other end of the rope, awaiting your partnership, you won't ever be the same.
  3. Do I need prior horse experience to take this course?
    No prior experience is necessary. This is a course in partnership, not horsemanship.
  4. Will we ride the horses?
    The coursework with the horses will happen on the ground, face-to-face and side-by-side with your four-legged partner. This provides the best kinesthetic experience and development of your ability to communicate, create trust, release accountability and own space.

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