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The 2018 PAX Mastery & Certification Program
Empowering Women – Alison Armstrong and Adrienne Dworak, Instructors

An emphasis on "male or female" or "masculine and feminine" can leave both women and men feeling boxed in, misunderstood or invalidated. We've experienced a new level of understanding and empowerment by paying attention to which instinctive "Operating System" might be functioning in any moment or circumstance.

Specifically, a woman might be "Hunting" or "Gathering" — or attempting to do both. Is there a specific destination, intention or result? Or is she open to options, alternatives and possibilities? Recognize the indicators of each mode to empower women, and get more of what you need with less effort and less conflict.

This Topic Path has been created for men and women committed to empowering themselves and others by mastering the new Queen's Code Challenge: Understanding Women Workshop material, a prerequisite.

New Topic and Teaching Adventures Calls taught by Adrienne Dworak. Research & Clarification calls taught by Alison, in addition to 2 Office Hours shared with Empowering Men each cycle.

Limited to 20 Certification Candidates.

Empowering Women Topics

Immediately after the January Transformational Teaching Skills weekend with Alison, you'll begin learning, researching and teaching each of these 8 Topics:

  1. Facts and Respect vs. Feelings and Attention: Gain access to the best qualities in women by understanding what has her experience being safe and secure.
  2. Focus vs. Diffuse Awareness: Synchronize your approach with how a woman is thinking, processing information, and relating to her environment.
  3. Producing Results and Solving Problems vs. Completing, Connecting and Relativity: Be more effective, understood, and valued by connecting to how a woman is listening, processing what she is hearing, and what motivates her.
  4. Concealing and Conserving vs. Revealing and Including: Get the information you need by understanding the instincts behind what a woman is saying and not saying.
  5. Behind the Plan vs. Behind the Person: Reduce stress and conflict, and improve results and relationships, by providing the support a woman needs and appreciates most.
  6. Dishonor vs. Hurt Feelings: Restore partnership and connection by providing what a woman needs to hear and feel the most.
  7. Legacy vs. Reflection: Be a more satisfied partner, friend or child by understanding what's driving a woman's maternal expression in each situation.
  8. Orgasm vs. Intimacy: Create more satisfaction and connection by recognizing a woman's present sexual needs and supporting her in having enough sex.

Conference Calls for Empowering Women will take place at a day and time Wednesdays from 12:30-1:30 Pacific Time/3:30-4:30 Eastern. All calls are recorded and available within 48 hours.

Preview a Sample of the Certification Partner License Upon Successful Completion

Transformational Teaching Skills Weekends with Alison Armstrong

What qualities inspire others to let you into their hearts and minds – and act upon what you've said to change their own lives? During these weekends, you will learn and practice skills unique to the genuineness and level of communication required to go beyond the transfer of information, and cause transformation! We use neuroscience based techniques to cause breakthroughs in your ability to communicate, be empowered on stage, and captivate your audience.

Together with each of the program participants from every Mastery Topic Path, you'll spend five 3-day weekends with Alison Armstrong, who has been training transformational leaders and healers since 1982. If you appreciate Alison's method of teaching, she'll give each of you direct access to your own authentic, engaging stage presence and individual teaching style.

The weekends are rigorous and require everyone's full participation, the entire time, including the preparation of talks and teachings, and two stage appearances.

#1 January 26, 27 & 28 Los Angeles
#2 April 13, 14 & 15 Dallas
#3 July 13, 14 & 15 Denver
#4 October 19, 20 & 21 Atlanta
#5 December 7, 8 & 9 Los Angeles

Friday 2:00 PM to 9:00 PM
Saturday 10:00 AM to 9:00 PM
Sunday 10:00 AM to 4:00 PM

What does Certification Require?

  • Attending all 5 Transformation Teaching Skills weekends
  • Learning, researching and teaching all 8 Topics in your Mastery Topic Path
  • Submitting an acceptable Research Journal for each topic; training and template provided
  • Delivering a competent Demonstration Call for each topic, with your original visual aide

Topic Cycles

Every 5-weeks, you complete a new Topic Cycle, as follows:

  • Week 1: New Topic Conference Call. Each new topic in the Topic Path is taught by the Instructor. Day and time of calls will be listed on the individual Topic Path page in September.
  • Week 2: Research & Clarification Conference Call. Participants sign up to share the results and findings of the research they conducted with themselves and others on the new topic. Guidelines for research questions are provided at the 1st weekend. The Instructor provides clarification for the understanding, implementation and teaching of the topic.
  • Week 3: Teaching Space, no call. Have fun contributing to others and practicing your transformational teaching skills!
  • Week 4: Teaching Adventures Conference Call. Participants sign up to share their challenges and victories in teaching the topic. Trainers coach and clarify to improve your ability to teach the topic.
    • AND Individual Research Journals are due. A 5,000-10,000-word Research Journal by this date. Trainers provide feedback on the Journals by the end of the 5th week, usually in writing, although a few may offer oral reviews. A template for your Research Journal is provided to help you collect information and quotes that will make your teaching of the topic one-of-a-kind.
  • Week 5: Individual Demonstration Calls. You provide a demonstration of your ability to teach the topic to a volunteer, and create an impact. Trainers "pass" or "no pass" the Demonstration, and provide feedback and input for ongoing improvement. Calls are recorded for the participant's benefit.

Live Participation is strongly preferred but not required. All calls are recorded and available within 48 hours.

Time Expected: To budget your time, plan on a minimum of 6-10 hours per week for learning, researching, journaling, teaching and demonstrating your mastery.

Program Enhancements

These parts of the program are optional and greatly enhance your skills, abilities and understanding:

Alison's "Office Hours" by teleconference provide an additional, more casual opportunity for participants to ask questions about their Topic Path or the program. This provides clarification and expansion of the information. It is a favorite part of the program for most participants. Empowering Men and Empowering Women share two Office Hours per topic. Extreme Freedom and Parenting In Partnership have one exclusive call each, per topic.

Individual Coaching Calls are provided for clarification of topics, support in synthesizing of research, formulating teaching agendas, developing audiences, and preparing for Demonstration calls. One optional 25-minute call per topic cycle is included. Additional calls may be arranged for a fee.

Your Tuition includes:

  • Five 3-day Transformational Teaching Skills Weekends taught by Alison Armstrong
  • Eight 5-week Topic Cycles covering your choice of one Mastery Topic Path
  • The certification process of Research Journal review, Demonstration Calls and the support of a program coach.
  • All Licensing Fees (requires completion)

This rigorous training program requires significant time, effort and financial commitment over a one-year period. Please read everything carefully before applying. Upon completion of your application and interview, if you're invited into the 2018 program, your non-refundable deposit reserves your space in the Mastery Topic Path. At that time, if you desire, you may put your name on the Waiting List for Additional Topics. Ask your Personal Consultant for more information.

Tuition is payable with a non-refundable deposit of $1655, plus 12 monthly payments of $695 from January 5 to December 12, 2018.

Gold Reviewers and Gold Remote participants also qualify for special discounts and are required to apply.

Empowering Women Non-Negotiable Program Prerequisites

Must be completed prior to January 26, 2018 by all participants, including previous PMC graduates

For Women:

  • Attend any Queen's Code Workshop live workshop OR complete all sessions of the Understanding Men online course. (Celebrating Men, Satisfying Women™ graduates need to participate in Understanding Men as a "Reviewer.")
  • Attend any Queen's Code for Life live workshop OR complete all sessions of Being an Extraordinary Woman online course. (Celebrating Women: Regarding Ecstasy & Power™ graduates need to participate in Being an Extraordinary Woman as a "Reviewer.")
  • Attend the Queen's Code Challenge: Understanding Women live workshop OR complete all sessions of the Understanding Women online course. (Understanding Women graduates before June, 2015, need to participate in the new Understanding Women ONLINE as a "Reviewer.")
  • Listen to:
    • In Sync with the Opposite Sex™ CD Set
    • The Amazing Development of Men™ 2nd Edition CD Set
  • Read or Listen to Keys to the Kingdom
  • Read The Queen's Code book

For Men:

  • Attend the Queen's Code Challenge: Understanding Women live workshop OR complete all sessions of the Understanding Women online course. (Understanding Women graduates before June, 2015, need to participate in the new Understanding Women ONLINE as a "Reviewer.")
  • Attend A Hero's Challenge: Being an Extraordinary Man OR complete A Hero's Challenge online Webinar Jam replay.
  • Listen to:
    • In Sync with the Opposite Sex™ CD Set
    • The Amazing Development of Men™ 2nd Edition CD Set
  • Read or Listen to Keys to the Kingdom
  • Read The Queen's Code book

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PLEASE NOTE: Since this is a leadership and certification program which depends heavily upon your efforts to succeed, the PAX Mastery & Certification Program is not covered by our 100% Workshop Satisfaction Guarantee policy. We promise the integral conduct of the weekends and topic cycles as described above. Ultimately the results of the program lie in your willingness and effort in engaging in the opportunities and design of the program.

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