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Live Workshops with Alison Armstrong

Alison leads our Advanced Workshops, constantly providing the most up-to-the- minute information and breakthrough exercises, literally as she is discovering them. This makes for exciting, ground-breaking and life-altering experiences for our graduates.

Below you will find Alison's current schedule by program. The "Register Online" button will provide additional information about the course and its prerequisites. We recommend contacting a Personal Consultant to find out the best packages we have to purchase everything you need. Email or call 800-418-9924, extension 875, 7 days a week.

Live Schedule

For Women

Extreme Queen
Formerly Embracing the Queen: A Triumph of Expression, Ecstasy & Power™
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Aliso Viejo, CA February 22, 23 & 24, 2019 Fri. & Sat. 10 AM - 9 PM and Sun. 10 AM - 6 PM
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The Dance of Partnership
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Dallas, TX June 9 & 10, 2018 10:00AM - 7:00PM
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Atlanta, GA November 10 & 11, 2018 10:00AM - 7:00PM
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The PAX World Tour
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TBD, AA April 6 & 7, 2019 10:00AM - 7:00PM
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Core Partnership Course with Alison Armstrong
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Alberta, Canada, AB Friday July 27 through Monday July 30, 2018 9:00AM - 6:00PM
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Alcomdale Area, AB Fri. September 14 through Mon. Sep. 17, 2018 9:00AM - 6:00PM
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Recorded Online Programs with Alison Armstrong

Alison has been working since 2015 to make her foundational Understanding Men and Understanding Women programs available worldwide and 24-hours a day. She's infused each online course with her heart and soul, and well-known sense of humor, through a multi-media approach. Our innovative eLearning Center incorporates workshop videos, webinar close-ups and exercises that stimulate through multiple learning languages. Each program includes a private Facebook group moderated by Alison's daughter, Claire Lewis. In addition, Alison keeps these programs current by adding "Bonus Material" to the online courses as needed.

Visit these pages to find out everything Alison has created to support you in having the most fulfilling relationships and life possible.

Online for Women Online for Men Online Co-Ed

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